Meet the Finalists of the 2024 FLASH SUITE Contest

Including our tradition of an image of our authors’ favorite chair.
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DJ Tyrer dwells in Southend-on-Sea on the north bank of the Thames and is the person behind Atlantean Publishing. DJ has had flash fiction published in such places as Alder and Ebony (Iron Fairy Publishing), and Apples, Shadows and Light (Earlyworks Press), issues of Sirens Call, and Tigershark, and on Cease CowsThe Flash Fiction PressSpace Squid, and Trembling With Fear. DJ Tyrer’s website is at

e rathke writes about books and games at A finalist for the Baen Fantasy Adventure and recipient of the Diverse Worlds Grant, he is the author of Glossolalia, the lofi cyberpunk series Howl, and the space opera series The Shattered Stars. His short fiction appears in Queer Tales of Monumental Invention, Mysterion Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, and elsewhere.

Robert Kibble lives west of London with a wife, a teenage son, and a cornucopia of half-finished writing projects.  A few have been published over the years, which – it has to be admitted – is very pleasing.  If only a less creative day job wouldn’t keep getting in the way, he’s sure it would be more.  You can find him on @r_kibble on Twitter or at where you’ll find more short stories, links to his novels, and musings on why zeppelins don’t ply the skies.

Jen Ross Laguna is a Chilean-Canadian writer-editor and former foreign correspondent, who has also spent more than 15 years working internationally for the United Nations. Seven years ago, she relocated to her husband’s country, Aruba to take some time off to write, and stayed. Her poetry appears in Better Than Starbucksthe other side of hope, descant, Last Stanza Poetry Journal and an anthology by The Poet Magazine; and her short stories in Latin American Literary ReviewMslexia MagazineLatineLitThe Pine Cone Review, Isele MagazineGlobal Youth ReviewArlington Literary Journal and Evocations Review.

Chris Cottom lives near Macclesfield, England, and once wrote insurance words. One of his stories was read aloud to passengers on the Esk Valley Railway between Middlesborough and Whitby. Others have been published by Bournemouth Writing Prize, Ellipsis Zine, Free Flash Fiction, Flash 500, FlashFlood, NFFD NZ, One Wild Ride, Oxford Flash Fiction, Retreat West, The Centifictionist, and elsewhere. In the early 1970s he lived next door to JRR Tolkien.

Jennifer Weatherly is a writer local to the DC area, and previously spent the last several years in Richmond, VA. It is the reader’s guess as to which of those cities inspired her entry. She uses her days engaging in the ancient profession of freelancing (also writing), and digs a good hike in her spare time. Occasionally she blogs about that – plus other subjects – at

E.E. King is an award-winning painter, performer, writer, and naturalist. She’ll do anything that won’t pay the bills, especially if it involves animals. Ray Bradbury called her stories, “marvelously inventive, wildly funny, and deeply thought-provoking.”
She’s been published in over 100 magazines and anthologies, including Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Short Edition, Daily Science Fiction, and Flametree. Her novels include Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife: All you need to know to choose the right heaven, which was translated into Spanish, and several story collections. Her stories are on Tangent’s 2019, 2020-, and 2022-year’s best stories. She’s been nominated for a Rhysling, and several Pushcart awards.
She’s shown paintings at LACMA and painted murals. She also co-hosts The Long-Lost Friends Show and Metastellar story time. She spends summers doing bird rescue and winters planting coral in Bonaire. Check out paintings, writing, musings, and books at: and

Shannon Brady is a fiction writer who specializes in fantasy and
horror, but is always excited to branch out into other genres. Her
previous works can be found in such publications as Dark Peninsula
Press, Jerry Jazz Musician, Queer Sci Fi, Werewolves Versus, and Third
Flatiron Anthologies. When not writing, she can be found reading,
baking, and playing video games.

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