Five Gin Gimlets

originally published

Drink One
Sour then strong,
the gin offsets the lime,
always poured three-
quarters to brimful.
The ice clinks in
the rocks glass.
Melted ice dilutes,
as the drink sinks
from the glass.

Drink Two
The second is stronger–
bolder, no ice and
cheeper gin.  The gin:
juniper berries like bark
— abrasive, grating.

Conversation begins to drift–
tangents long and enthusiastic,
topics varying from politics to
internet publications, ex-crushes,
James Carville’s ugly
shirt, through friends
abroad, back to that ugly
shirt (yellow vertical
stripes mount the breast)–
and ends in a memory
taco stand, Watts,
LA county.

Drink Three
Balances the strong lime first-taste
on the rock mountain of sliding gin after.
Not the top of shelves but
further on the way.

Lime pulp floats at the surface.
The green translucent liquidity
of heifer-market Ajax ice-lime
gins a better brand of

Drink Four
Smooth — the Hendricks,
lightly limed, beautiful dginn.  Babe,
we got this whole floor
for dancin’.  I clasp
hands with him bringing
bartender ice, speak
Spanish to a Latin girl–
Her hair runs in waves to
her waist.  Bar sure is stuffy.
What if Dog didn’t exist?
There is no vodka gimlet.

Drink Five
Aztec– moonbeam monument– weight
of helium–caliphatess calls for cursory
castration– open hydrant running — dginn,
grant me my final wish– I could not
care, lest– Shiva’s final footfall falls–
headlights parade– common curtsy–how
long may a motor run?–  Gadzooks!– looks
like the last, Yes’m– what is the worth for?–
have at you– speak can’t… foom.



more fevered




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