by Tom Ball


In the dream I lived in a tiny 2 person condo among the forest of skyscrapers.  All condos were joined to one another by numerous bridges.  Air cars flew high above and landed on the tops of buildings.

The city seemed endless. World population 900 billion.  Some rich had a swimming pool or a garden on the roof tops.  But land was at a premium.

I skillfully seduced the Queen of the land. She had a marriage of power with the king which meant they had no sexual relations.  Indeed marriage of the past was illegal.

She told me our society was sick.  I said considering how far technology took us it was the best of all possible worlds, if only there weren’t these bad dreams.  And now we’d rolled back technology as everything was automated and there was nothing left for humans to do.

However computers still played favorites… And they were always picking on me.  I wondered if I was really so bad as to deserve such ill treatment.

But now anti-sleep technology was making people crazy and strung out.  They were afraid to sleep.  The city never slept…

I took uppers while awake, but then it was hard to sleep and I felt very ill.

Psycho-analysis: You need to fight the good fight all the time and not be dragged into the morass that is modern day humanity.

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