by Tom Ball


Here the Supreme Computers watched and listened to the thoughts of everyone.  Everything was controlled. The revolution was against typical computers… People wanted to eliminate some of the stifling computers.

They wanted their own new world.

Repetition was illegal.

No more programming.

Just be useful to one another.

And everyone was a poet.

I was the ruler here and step by step I ate my citizens.  Typically one limb at a time, then the butt and the breasts.

Our world was a freak show of numerous different sexes, colors and behaviors

I was a formidable martial artist, I could take on 4 (drugged) lions at once and win without weapons.  The crowds loved me. And the crowds got into my head and were silent and amazed at my viciousness in fighting and my clever shouts.

Then I met Sally. She was 200 years old and youthful.  She controlled her vaginal muscles and used MRT (mind reading technology) to give me numerous orgasms.  She was the best.

I said stay with me and you don’t need to sell yourself for money.  She said I have always enjoyed myself and we would only bore each other if we were together.

She said she was a “Super Prostitute.”

Psycho-analysis: Love is dead, but life goes on.  Some people search their whole lives for love and of course never find it.  Too much competition etc.

Why not try sex pills which give you orgasm after orgasm without a partner? This is the future.

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