2023 FLASH SUITE Contest Winners

Not to waste a moment,

the Winner is:
Three Sisters
by Maggie Nerz Iribarne

and the Runner-Up:
Shards Picked from the Floorboards
by Malina Douglas

How the Judges Voted:

One Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-Up votes. In the event of a draw, the Fan-Vote becomes the tie-breaker.

Glenn A. Bruce:
1st Prize: Shards Picked from the Floorboards
2nd: Three Sisters

Lady Moet Beast:
1st Prize: O Mangi Questa Minestra…
2nd: Northport

Aditya Gautam:
1st Prize: Marsh Creek Grievers
2nd: Three Sisters

Cedar Danger Block:
1st Prize: Shards Picked from the Floorboards
2nd: Northport

FAN VOTING: (view how the fans voted, here)
1st Prize: Three Sisters
2nd: Marsh Creek Grievers

So–with two 1st prize votes for “Shards”, resulting in four points, “Sisters” has two 2nd prize votes, plus a 1st prize vote, also resulting in four points. And Fan Voting decides all draws.

!Congrats to Maggie Nerz Iribarne and Malina Douglas!
as well as to all our finalists and submitters.

And thank you, Lovers of Literature,
just for surfing through.
Remember of next time, we do this every year.

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