And the Winners of the 2023 Lengthy Poem Contest Are…
is proud to announce that the winner of
the 2023 Lengthy Poem Contest

Given Night” by Tyson Canale.

With 72% of the votes, your Fan Favorite is
What do Nikolai Gogol, the Dalai Lama and Jeff Bezos have in common?
by Beata Stasak.

Keep surfing through,
Lovers of Literature,
we do this three times a year.

Our Summer Publication Season opens with:
The Love of My Past and Future Lives” by Paul-Newell Reaves

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2 Responses to “And the Winners of the 2023 Lengthy Poem Contest Are…”

  1. Mimi Speike Says:

    Just discovered you. I would love to submit to your next year Lengthy Poem Contest. I have the lengthy poem of lengthy poems, close to eight thousand words. I’ve been working on it for thirty years.

    I’ve got a winner, for sure. Don’t break my heart and tell me this is a joke.

  2. eatstuf Says:

    That is a long poem, for sure! Submission period opens in August!

    Read what I’m looking for in a long poem:

    Submit early!

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