10 A.M. and my Ribs Hurt

Steve Garland reads the works of Ricki Shiers


10 A.M. and My Ribs Hurt
my ribs hurt again today and the air seems stagnant
but that’s fine, I can breathe vicariously through anyone
I’m like that leach on your skin, just try pulling me off
you taste fine and I need to fatten my ribcage
and hearts are caged in that ribcage,
only being able to reach through those bars
but not completely escaping and holding anyone
but his arms are starting to grow, and maybe,
just maybe, his fists are enough to break out
or maybe his fists are enough to break out
or maybe she has a key and it might fit
a lot of women have used keys but not one
has ever fit the square, lacquered lock properly
and it did,
all the tumblers finally clicked, and the heart,
as dark as he is, is finally breathing
and feeling something towards someone,
and after so long, he is very voracious


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