Update, mid-way through 2020 FLASH SUITE Contest

Woah… Woah. Woah,

We have a contest on our hands.

And numbers we haven’t seen since 2012.

In 10 days of Fan Voting we have seen
3,690+ pageviews
from 390 unique IPs.

We had 104 unique IPs in a single friday.
Two days later, we had 1,133! visits
(hrmm, me-thinks some of you Lovers of Literature
were bored during the Sunday sermon!)

One Flash Suite has pulled well ahead in the Fan Voting,
BUT, there is a single runner-up for
the Winter Contest on Defenestrationism.net .

The second Fan Favorite is currently a matter of 12 votes.

Check our currently publishing content,
A lamppost named Mark
and surf through all winter for more from

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