The Belvedere: Lima– the strangest departure

Lima – the strangest departure

Stained, mute monks ease prone tenantless masses with unsophisticated, purple-black reserve, slices of silver, oakum cobs, infection, and exhibition – constables involuntarily indulge disconcerted, ceased decency, instinct, and misrule of spirit to estrange Hikari.

Informing breeze pauses – trust, amazement and strange fitful tracks – doubt and sunshine’s syllables pronounce ghostly instants, edged collaborators, dry chests, vacant purposes, cloudy nightcap notions, prolonged arranging, cordial appearances, purposely-referring half grunts by best skins – “Tonight Tsuneo?”

Blank ghetto smelter’s moments – a temporary mouth – rapt servant, gently anxious, calves part, entangling skeletons and crippling gestures hasten weakness, thrust compromise, half-choked slanting blood – swift impulse preceding midnight in unmoving repose and an overhanging eye demand settling with salt.

Less real than deceptive, quaint light and melancholy equip an immediate interruption, hampering resolve – indisposed out of step American self-reproach and withdrawn off-handed air, lumber through a noon breeze departure without bullets.

The carpenter as the first witness, sheep’s eyes and golden rod with a scented barber powdering mystery, good breeding, a transom servant but otherwise constant to a subordinate post or future circumstances. Undefined soliloquy affirms and selected omitting of relaxed implications, chalk words the state of things – on the coast of Miraflores.



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  1. Roberta Says:

    That’s a smart way of looinkg at the world.

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