September 11th, 20 years agone

A somber and ponderous 20th anniversary to one and all. On this day, still, I remember.

I remember panic and confusion.

I remember heavy traffic: on the internet, first– could not load; and then on the roadways– even the side streets bumper-to-bumper.

I remember forgetting how to read the little clock in the bottom right hand of Windows XP.

I remember payphone calls, overheard: “Do you know who my father is?” and severably, “His meeting was moved to another building.”

I remember what we then called leadership. And I remember what we then called heroism.

It wouldn’t be early Autumn without staring placidly into the skyscape. I remember when I did not experienced chills at the sight of a low flying jetliner.

I will remember until there is nothing of me to remember.

— Paul-Newell Reaves

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