by e rathke

[this is the second in the three part series–
read Crow from the beginning, here]

My hands in the mud and I don’t itch no more. Look over at Lorax and she’s waste deep, laughing. Baijiu says she ain’t coming cause Coyote says it’s god and we shouldn’t be wading into god but Lorax keeps laughing about that and I says to Baijiu that Coyote said it’s god’s blood and god had to die and bleed all over the earth or resurrection wouldn’t ever happen.

            Baijiu still won’t come in so me and Lorax start making mudballs and chucking them at her but she squeals off before we hit her to tell Coyote but when Coyote comes and we’re just laughing and splashing in the mud, she stretches her mouth wide and laughs along with us, tells Baijiu that it’s all right, honey, just a game and life’s for games and fun and all kinds of fine things.

            That night in the mushroom housing all the brothers and sisters, Coyote tells us again about those that abandoned earth for stars after poisoning her body and how Coyote and Wolfe and Crow found the mushrooms that eat the poison and clean the waters and clear the skies and we all just gobble those same sacred mushrooms down as she tells us about this new world rising from the dead old one.             That night we name those who went to the stars angels but Coyote laughs, tell us they was devils and that’s got to be the truth of it.

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