How the Judges Voted in the 2022 FLASH SUITE Contest

Our contests are judged by our four Judge Panel, with two weeks of online Fan Voting counted as an additional Judge vote. 
One Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-Up votes.
In the event of a draw, the fan-vote becomes the tie-breaker.

Meet the Judges, here

Glenn A. Bruce:
Winner “Storm Surge” by Laurinda Lind
Runner-up “Casket Suite” by James Dorr

Ceder Danger Block:
Winner “The Mage Smith Makes a Collar” by Rachel Friedman
Runner-up “Storm Surge” by Laurinda Lind

Aditya Gautam:
Winner “Clouds” by Ilhamul Azam
Runner-up “Casket Suite” by James Dorr

Moet Beast:
Winner “Homeless With Dad” by Annie Dawid
Runner-up “Clouds” by Ilhamul Azam


“The Toll” by Stephen Page won the Fan Favorite vote with over 30% of the 228 votes, followed by “Casket Suite” by James Dorr with over 15%.

The three way tie was settled by the Fan Vote. “Casket Suite had the most votes of the three, followed by “Storm Surge” by Laurinda Lind.

If the below image is difficult for you to read, a higher resolution version is available at the original Fan Voting page:

What a contest!

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