Here, and Here Alone– is pleased to present:

FAN VOTING for the 2021 !Short Story Contest!

First, read the stories.

Then vote for your three (3) very favorites.
Last Summer’s contest had over 5,000– so vote early and vote often.
You must vote for three, or the poll will not accept your vote.

Voting will last until Saturday, September 4th
Winners Announced Labor Day (US),
which is Monday, September 6th

!Vote for Your Three (3) Favorites!

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Check our Autumnal Publication Lineup:

Monday, August 23rd

A Gift from Zhino, the Kurdish Translator at Kara Tepe Refugee Camp pt. 1
by Marianne Peel

Wednesday, August 25th

A Gift from Zhino pt. 2

Sunday, August 29th

A Gift from Zhino pt. 3

Wednesday, September 1st

A Gift from Zhino pt. 4

Saturday, September 4th


Sunday, September 5th

A Gift from Zhino pt. 5

Monday, September 6th

Winners Announced for the 2021 !Short Story Contest!

Wednesday September 8th

A Gift from Zhino pt. 6

Sunday, September 12th

Still Life
by Marianne Peel

Wednesday, September 15th

Career Man
by Chantelle Tibbs

Daily Publication from September 19th until October 26th

Famous Last Wishes
by Tom Ball

Sunday, October 31st

Digital Halloween Party
with the Defenestrationism Team

Wed, November 3rd

Try and Be Kind
by Chantelle Tibbs

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