Bang Bang: After

by Brook Reynolds

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The whirl and tumble of the machines sent a chill down Courtney’s spine as she walked into the laundromat. One of the overhead neon tubes flickered overhead, sending a slew of flashbacks into her mind. She took a deep breath, convincing herself that she was being silly. This was the same laundromat she visited every Friday morning. She set her bag of clothes down on the nearest table by the door and started to organize and separate. She remembered her detergent this week. She rummaged through her front pocket, searching for her change. Realizing that the quarters were in the cup holder in the front seat of her car, she cursed as she slipped out the front door to retrieve them.

When she returned with the change, the laundromat was cramped, filled with the morning rush of regulars. The mixed damp smell of mildew from the old building and overwhelming floral scents smacked her in the face. Her eyes darted back and forth at all the strange faces in the room. As she scanned the room, her heart rate increased. She could feel the walls closing in on her. Courtney closed her eyes to get ahold of herself but the whine and shake of the vibrating machines only added to the stress. She could feel the glances from strangers burrowing into her as she drew too much attention to herself. In a panic, she scooped up her clothes, threw them back in her bag, and raced out the front door to safety.




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