Judge Votes for 2019 FLASH SUITE Contest

defenestrationism.net adheres strictly to CLMP contest ethical models of visibility (not of sight/blindness, of see-through-ness).

Our contests are judged by a four person panel, with two weeks of online fan voting counted as an additional judge vote.  Finalists are selected by ed., publisher, owner Paul-Newell Reaves, and monitor, ed. eatstuf.  In the event of judge and fan votes being equal, Paul-Newell Reaves becomes tie-breaker.

One Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-Up votes.

Glenn A. Bruce:
Winner– Echoes
Runner-Up– Underwater

Lady Moet Beast:
Winner– Canis Latrans
Runner-Up– Echoes

Ced Block:
Winner– Echoes
Runner-Up– Canis Latrans

Christian Mckay Heidicker:
Winner– Of Candles, Salt and Owls
Runner-Up– To Fly Through

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