Fan Voting 2024 Lengthy Poem Contest

May 3rd, 2024


May 3rd – May 5th

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Read the Lengthy Poems:

The Song of Ishtar by Blessings Oziama

Reflections of an Ant-stronaut by JL Maikaho

The girl with the red stroller by Ana Reisens


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2024 Lengthy Poem Contest

April 1st, 2024


Lengthy Poem Contest

Greetings and welcome–
yes, yes– yes, yes! 
Welcome, you’re welcome–
you are most welcome– yes, 
so very welcome

        and the 2024 Lengthy Poem Contest.

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We are most pleased to present our finalists
as they publish all April and into May,
followed by three days of Fan Voting.

The Song of Ishtar
by Blessings Oziama
posting daily from April 1st – April 12th

Reflections of an Ant-stronaut
by JL Maikaho
posting in its entirety on April 13th

The girl with the red stroller
by Ana Reisens
daily from April 19th – May 2nd

Fan Voting

May 3rd – May 5th
Winners Announced
May 6th (May Day)

Lengthy Poem Contest guidelines
Meet the Lengthy Poem Contest judge, Paul-Newell Reaves

Lengthy Poem Contest

February 21st, 2021

will appear here, beginning in April of 2021.


Finalists will be announced February 25th.
Winners announced May 3rd.

Enjoy, all you Lovers of Literature.