Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

o. sky

your form dissolves. you lose it to light, to
pure color, soft gradient blues and wispy
whites in the daytime air. wind tugs your
clouds along, playing with you. you shelter
everything. your roof is the original roof of
all creatures. sometimes, your clouds
bundle up, dark and pouting, and rain, but
even that is a communion deep upon the
rolling plains which gives them life.
sometimes the creatures are angry for this,
but even the sweetest child will rebel. you
will merely give to them with your clouds
what has been demanded by the wind and
the sea, and the dust and the heat, and
shelter them all the while. 


((this is the way you love to exist, to aid the world)) go to t
((this is too much responsibility,
is it not enough to eat and be eaten?)) go to h





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