Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

m. machine

your heart stops, but you remain alive.
consciousness continues, narrowing like
the tip of a pin. your blood pauses and your
skin stiffens with a snap, becomes rigid
around you like callous. you shine with a
polished light, steel skin wrapping the
twisted wire veins and circuitboard organs.
fans whirr where your lungs should be. you
have wrapped backwards around to the
stone, in a way, become a lump of
consciousness with a beautifully
articulated carbon-fiber skeleton. yet no
longer are you the simple, unneeding spirit
of the stone, which wants nothing but the
inevitable change. you feel desire still, like
a phantom limb, and have no way to satiate it. 


((but the frustration is satisfying)) go to t
((anything to make the craving stop)) go to g 
((how is this different from the constant ache
of the bear or the swallow?)) go to r 





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