Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

j. wolf

the scent of the forest blows through your
mind. your beak becomes a snout,
wrinkling in the onslaught. the freshness of
the water like the feeling of wind ripping
through wings, the ichor of the dirt, the
waxy ripeness of the winterberries. the
desire for melody compels you, and you
hear your new throat howl, your paws
scrape the earth. your feathers bristle into
thick, rooted fur. you smell others like you.
they come to your call, sneaking in a line
through the brush. they recognize you, it
seems. recognize the blood of the bird on
your chin. they are your partners, and these
are your teeth to protect them.


((and protect them you will do, as long as you can)) go to t
((but is that all you can do?
protect those whom your teeth may touch?)) go to o 
((but there is more to the roil of your body than protection)) go to h





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