Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

n. human

the desire for what you cannot have–and
only this desire, like seagulls around a
locked garbage bin–lances through you as
you experience finally that falsified form,
those smooth, articulated fingers which
skipped you once across the current of the
river when you were but a stone. what is
green and simple of you becomes the soft,
multi-colored flesh, becomes the fibrous
muscle beneath, becomes the osseous core.
you are a wicked, craving heart and you are
beating. you want everything now, not only
that which is past or that which is future,
that which belongs to others or to the earth,
but even, desperately, the earth itself, and
its satellites, and its stars–and you say that
you worship them, these desires. you say
the sun is above you, how could you reach
it? you say the earth is your tightrope, you
would fall without it. but your hunger is
patient, of all the kingdoms somehow your
hunger has patience, your most disturbing
of hungers, and deep in your soft, furless
belly, you believe all must become yours.
that it is the way.


((that is true, and what you stand by, and what satisfies you)) go to u
((that is cruel, please, you only want to eat)) go to k
((that is cruel, please, you only want pleasure)) go to i
((that is cruel, please, you only want to sleep)) go to g 
((that is cruel, please, you only want to protect)) go to o





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