Lengthy Poem Contest

A Sequence of Poems Where Water is Present

by Sandip Saha

Tune of nature

Floating galaxies in infinite space
are emitting light proclaiming presence,
the explosions in it fire bullets of stars
which are torn into pieces of planets.

Earth cools down rotating around the sun,
mighty waterfalls form lake on the plain,
the moonlit sky brings calmness around,
the trees sway on beach with murmuring sound.

Flood in our village                          

Incessant rain filled up the river.
Water was overflowing into the field
crossing the only village road near my home.
Sitting at the window I was enjoying
how nature converted our playground
into a big river with noise of flowing water.
It remained like that even after rain stopped.
Schools, markets everything was flooded,
there was no work to do except looking at the boats
which were plying through the road and our field.
I got into one of these boats
though did not know swimming.
A pleasant aroma overwhelmed me.
As the boatman was boating
through the sugarcane field,
we cut as many of them and filled the boat.
A fisherman spread the net across the flood water
and was lifting it at intervals.
The jumping fishes were shining in sunlight 
which was reflecting from their slippery bodies.
It was a wonderful feeling.   

Deluge in Mumbai  

It was raining since previous night,
pouring water from sky-shower,
dense black clouds
overcast all through the day,
storage of millions of tons of water.

The city known to record highest rainfall
among all cities of the world every year,
it was definitely different that day,
sea though by the side of the city
water-logging made all roads rivers.

Students trapped in schools and colleges,
empty offices since staff came out early, 
the water levels in streets rose
by leaps and bounds,
hardly any vehicle could move.

Drains’ manholes were opened,
volunteers were guiding people
to wade through the water
lest they fall inside the drains,
all cell-phone network failed.

Low-lying areas were inundated,
ground floors were under water,
navy boats were out to take people
to safer places,
slum-dwellers lost their homes.

After two days, when rain stopped,
water receded in tortoise pace;
counts of deaths started pouring in
many were washed away, some electrocuted,
some other died being suffocated inside cars.

In search of serenity                     

In a snowy mountain forest
where the crystal-clear fountains are
running down the hill dancing,
giggling with an innocent joy,
I stand there to enjoy the calmness,
the purity, the natural aroma
far away from the hue and cry
of selfish, complex human inhabitants.

There birds chirp, animals play
but nobody does any harm to others.
In the midst of these cheerful surroundings
I like to sit at the feet of an enlightened sage
whose very face brings to me an absolute assurance.

I forget the predicament the world has,
the grief of grappling mankind,
I come to know all these are conquerable and
which will soon disappear
at the blessings of the great soul,
ushering in the dawn of enlightenment,
glimpse of which has already arrived.

Travel to Niagara

When our aircraft was approaching Buffalo airport
one American fellow traveler sitting beside me
attracted my attention to look out through window
the Niagara-falls faraway but was visible misty.

For a moment I went back to my school days
when I read about the mighty falls
it appeared to me like a dream thinking that
on the same day I shall be seeing it with my family.

After dinner at about half past eleven at night
we ventured out wrapped with layers of woolen cloths
chilling cold only a few minutes to walk from the hotel
we heard the roar and reached the falls so marvelous.

Flow of rivers from different sides covered in bushes
sparkling reflected light split by prism effect
made it appear like a colorful bride at night
the clock moved to the next day but I was motionless.

Next morning taking quick breakfast we returned
a number of ships were plying we boarded into one
hundreds of people were cheering covered in raincoats
the mist was so much that we were totally drenched.

As our ship went near the columns of water, I was surprised
how the falls were vertically falling straight down
like a line drawn by somebody that cannot be violated
the mist and sunlight formed rainbow that we clicked.


Nature’s bountiful gifts 

Winter is at its last phase
clear blue sky
golden sunshine has inundated
the beaches in the
southern state capital city of India
the back water has penetrated
deep inside the land
you and I hire
a motor boat in cool breeze
wearing a safety jacket each.

Slowly we enter into the forest
sailing the boat, only boat
engine is making noise
otherwise, pin drop silence
the coconut forest greets us
numerous trees everywhere
sometimes narrow canals
between two lands
branches of wild trees
some bearing poisonous fruits
bending over the water
a feeling of Venice comes to me
difference only edifices are
replaced here by forest lands
unknown birds’ chirps delight us.

We reach a golden beach
at one side of which the sea is roaring
on the other side calm back water
beauty of nature soothes our eyes
and sound of majestic waves our ears.

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