Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

r. purpose 2

perhaps you have asked for the first time or
perhaps you have asked a thousand times.
how does one desire trump the others? how
does one obey a king? defend a castle? kill
for an idea? what is precious to you? have
you asked yourself? 

no one is telling you not to kill. only to be
sure. to feel so ferociously no one would
dare approach the breadth of your bite. 

so perhaps you are a machine in a metal
casing. perhaps you are the bear beside the
tent flaps at night. perhaps you are the
queen bee and all the title entails. or
perhaps you are beneath the current of the
river waiting to stridulate.


this was your path, your end.
((proceed here if you wish to see what you could be.))





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