Lengthy Poem Contest

begin with the stone
by EA Kane

f. salmon 

you lose your tough shell to the thin
whispers of bones hidden beneath your
scaly skin, fins strong and guiding you
down the current toward the sea. the sea is
a mother to you as always and you find her
in solace and wildness. the strength of your
muscles bouncing beneath your skin
propels you, commands you first into the
sea, soon back again, up the river through
the teeming waters in a torrent of
procreative desire, no time to count the
stones lining the bottom of the river. you
can’t fight.


((why would you? this is life)) go to t
((you miss the bottom of the sea, and the gentle walking among it)) go to l
((even this desire is not enough, you want to be purely undone)) go to i






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