Virtual Halloweeeeen Party, 2021: Aditya Gautam

! It’s the virtual Halloween Party!

Join us as we post new message across
the day of the eve of the Day of the Dead,
into the night, across the witching hour,
and even into the Day of the Dead, itself.

It’s the glomming hour on the east coast of the States,
and with it, here’s a Halloween message from

Aditya Gautam–
contest judge for the FLASH SUITE Contest

‘I have my book, “A Dream of Duplicity”, coming out in March 2022 in the USA and it’s quite Halloweeny with swirling mists in lonely mountain towns, creepy twins, lovers with existential dilemmas, the whole spooky works.

Meanwhile, I myself will be chilling out with the audiobook of Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, and I very much hope that we continue to have the privilege of scaring ourselves as a way of escapism, rather than face true horrors of persistent viruses, melting glaciers, insane politics, crazy conservatives, and the almost equally crazy woke people.’

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Past your bedtime:

Christian McKay Heidicker,
former contest judge

has a second book in the series for his Newbery Honored
“Scary Stories for Young Foxes”

Are you scared yet?
Don’t be,
we’re all treats tonight

Submission period for the
2022 FLASH SUITE Contest closes
the moment it is no longer November 1st, anywhere on Earth.

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