The Case Notes of P.I. James: Case Notes

by John Steckley

read it in the correct order


“The axe was throwing well.  I was just retrieving it from the target when I saw them: our client and Ruthie.  Their wrists were fastened tightly behind their backs.  Max was pushing them down the trail.

Axe in hand, I pursued them.  I kept quiet and hidden in the bushes while not losing sound or sight of them.  They went to where a deep hole had been dug.  Max was a planner.  He spoke to them harshly with words I could not hear.  He drew out a gun.  They cringed.  It looked like the end.

I had no choice.  The axe went flying through the air and between the trees.  It hit his gun hand dead on.  He dropped it and bent over in pain.  I ran over to get the women away.  Pushed Max into the hole.

Ruthie hugged me.  First time ever.  Then she spoke.  “What an amazing throw! Hitting his hand from such a distance.”

I think I saw something more than gratitude in her eyes.  I felt an emotion I hadn’t expected, but still managed to reply sarcastically, “Who said his hand was my target?”




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