ATLAS: vol 1. Austin, TX–Texas Coffee Traders

The compound doesn’t look uninviting, at least.  The chain-link has one large, open gate, and its rusted barbed-wire doesn’t seem much tampered with.  A seating area inside the enclosure has tables and picnic benches, a tent to block the sun.

The east quarter of the warehouse houses the store– a large, open space with shelves stretching almost to the ceiling.  All nationalities of bean are represented, here, whole and ground, both.  For sale: drip-coffee machines and filters; french presses and espresso machines; grinders and kettles.  Around the corner, through plate glass, you can see the roasting facility at work.

Back outside, an unmarked van pulls inside the fence, and a garage door in the building center is rolled up by hand. A glimpse of the warehouse interior reveals sheet-metal shelves stacked high with product.

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