Brucie the Tiniest Shark

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

by D. Glover

There was once a shark named Brucie, and he was a tiny shark.  Born to a large Great-White mother, Brucie was so tiny that he could not swim fast enough to keep up with the rest of his family.  And so, Brucie, left with no options, swam away from the school.  He swam and he swam.  Famished, he saw a minnow, and not knowing the minnow was on a hook, devoured it.  Despite hoping to wait for his eighteenth year to have a lip pierced, all of the hook was suddenly through Brucie’s mouth.  With a yank, Brucie was drawn up and out of the water.

The Boy was out fishing with his grandfather.  Only eight years old, the Boy wore jean shorts, tainted with salty-sea water.  As the Boy reeled Brucie the tiniest shark in, he immediately knew he had love. Looking at the Boy, Brucie knew that he didn’t need to run away anymore. 

At home, the Boy knew just the right fish tank that would fit Brucie.  He put Brucie in the tank, and the tank on his wagon, and took Brucie for a walk. 

On their walk, and suddenly, the Boy and Brucie came across Calvin, the neighborhood bully. Calvin’s dog, a British Bulldog with a spiked collar, was the toughest dog in town.  With a yelp and a gulp, Brucie leapt from the tank and chomped down on the bully’s dog, who presented no problem for Brucie’s three rows of pointy teeth.  The bully ran away crying.  And, as if it had always been meant for him, the Boy put on Brucie that Bully’s dog’s spiked collar.

The social landscape of the playground was changed for years to come.

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Brucie 2

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