In accordance with CLMP contest ethical models of visibility (not of sight/blindness, but of see-through-ness), here is

How the Judges Voted:

Our contests are judged by a four person panel, with two weeks of online fan voting counted as an additional judge vote.

First place votes are counted as two runner-up votes.


Suvi Mahonen

Winner: Milan Carl Liskart, Coalman

Runner-ups: The Egg Stealers

and Liarbird



Winner: Through the Window

Runner-ups: Liarbird

and The Blood is Where


Christian McKay Heidicker

Winner: The First Time I Painted My Nails, or, the Moose is Not an Ass

Runner-ups: SURVIVAL

and The Egg Stealers


Lady Moet Beast

Winner: The Blood is Where

Runner-ups: Liarbird

and The First Time I Painted my Nails, or, the Moose is Not an Ass


Fan Favorites

With 16.8% of the Grand Prize votes:

Liarbird by Sara Kate Ellis.

And tied at 11.6% of the Runner-up votes,

The First Time I Painted my Nails, or the Moose is Not an Ass

by Ariel Fintushel


The Egg Stealers by Sarena Ullibarri.




Owner, ed., Paul-Newell Reaves, in his duty as tie-breaker, went with the fan vote, awarding the second runner-up prize to The Egg Stealers.



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