In accordance with CLMP ethical models of visability (not sight/blindness but see-through-ness) here is how the judges voted:

One 1st place vote is equal to two 2nd place votes.

Fan Vote:

1st place: Billy Luck

Runner-up: Surveillance


Suvi Mahonen:

1st place: I’ve Got You

Runner-ups: Circe’s Bicycle




1st place: Billy Luck

Runner-ups: Circe’s Bicycle



Lady Moet Beast

1st Place: I’ve Got You

Runner-ups: Billy Luck



Christian McKay Heidicker

1st Place: Circe’s Bicycle

Runner-ups: I’ve Got You

By the River

In his duty as tie-breaker, co-ed., owner, Paul-Newell Reaves went with the fan vote, as usual.

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