Ravens’ Cry: The House on the Mountain

A night sky abyss opened
before me, as I climbed up the
gravel driveway leading to the
House on the Mountain.

Here had I grown up, but had not
returned in an eternity.  I inherited
this place when my parents died
—almost three years ago.  Now
that my wife had left me, taking
the apartment and the pets, I had
nowhere else to live.  I turned the final
corner of the drive, and it was there.

The place was large, 3 floors and a basement,
12 rooms, five baths, a crawl space below
the rafters.  As I climbed the last of the
gravel hill, the house became a burgeoning
shadow against the luminescent sky.
I turned the key in the door and slipped
inside the dark hall.


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