Casket Suite: Shades of Difference

by James Dorr
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Shades of Difference

Red, the color of blood, of course.  It was a vampire’s favorite color, but, just as a Frenchwoman doesn’t drink just wine, so too the New Orleanian vampiresses, les filles à les cassettes, expressed their fondness for shades of red.  Crimson, for instance — arguments ensued over whether or why it was better than scarlet.  Yvonne had a special fondness for pink, her poetic mind searching for tiny variants — highlights, if one will — in its soothing paleness.  Lo preferred mauve, or even maroon, but in a fashion sense, noting their contrast to her pale skin, her luxurious blonde hair.  “Just red,” she would maintain, “is vulgar.  Too flashy.” 

Others agreed, although all pointed out it was still delicious.   

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