ATLAS: vol 1. Austin, TX– Latin Galleries at the Blanton Museum

“Casting the Runes” by Lenora Carrington: two-beaked bird wearing gold dominates, center-left.  Below it are demons— fluffy or angular or pig-shaped.  Above all these, cloaked and caped female figures stand at an alter with leaves and twigs.  Oil with gold on wood.

“La maestra” by Alfredo Zalce: a not so old woman wearing white sits in rocker, before black background.  Her face, three-quarters lit, with her elongated forefinger pointing to lower half of the page of the book.  The girl leans against arm of the chair, enraptured.  Woodcut.

“Espacio horizontal limitado” by Carlos Rojas: a flat black canvas in centimeters-thin, metal frame.  Inside the frame?  Two twin, white, millimeters-thin lines border the canvas.  Except in the lower corners.  To the lower right, the two lines become filled-in, forming a single, white block line in that corner.  While in the lower left corner, there is but single white, dotted line bordering the canvas.  The only other deviation from the flat black?— another block line, rising from those thin lines at the bottom, right third of the canvas, in a 90 degree angle, to form an open right triangle as it juts right, becoming thin, dotted lines, which then meet another open right triangle of block lines, above it.  Oil on Canvas.

“Graneros III”, by Gonzalo Foneca: the terra-cotta-colored sculpture resembles an architecture, or a town plan.  There are tubular towers of various diameters.  Several staircases vary in size— some of these lead to sensical places, others to nowhere in-particular.  A large foot mounted on a pedestal dominates the roof of the architecture– the foot’s width is wider than any staircase.  Other platforms and indentations, niches or windows, surround the roof and sides of the sculpture.  Red travertine.

Up Next Week: “Gross Men’s Room”
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