MASTHEAD: meet the editors

Paul-Newell Reaves

— Ship’s Captain, owner, co-editor, co-founder–
is a poet and educator from Washington, D.C. and holds a Masters in English from George Washington University.

His poems have appeared in Dirty Chai Magazine, forthcoming from the Slag Review, and extensively online, including  and

His critical works have been published in SZ Magazine, by Refworks, a chapter from Routledge Press, as well as a former bi-weekly column at on Album Lyrics as Texts.

D. Glover [1984-2017]

— Cosmic Fool, co-founder, design and development-

holds a degree in Graphic Design from Brooklyn School of Design.

He is an artist and writer, and takes no guff.

The 2018 reading of October Nights’ Lyrics is dedicated to his memory.


–co-editor, moderator, Wild-Wild-West Gunslinger–

has remained anonymous on all her sites since the mid-nineties, and intends to stay that way.

She enjoys calling-out on creepy online posers, and bashing-in the brains of bigots.

Though she regrets devoting less time to, recently, due to her burgeoning career responsibilities, she still prioritizes reading every single submission to the fiction contests, and thinks Paul-Newell is doing a great job keeping the ship afloat.  But she wants you to know that she is still the sheriff in town.

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