So you wanna be a Defenestrationist?

submission is now open for this Spring’s weekly publications




Please consider submitting to our annual


[submission open April till November 1st]


!Short Story Contest!

[submission open April till June 3rd]


Submit new material for our

weekly posts .

[Spring publication submissions open from Labor Day (US) till January 1st]

[Autumnal publication submission open February 1st till March 25th]




Do not hesitate to send

poems, stories, plays, photos, drawrings,

or any multi-media you can imagine–

although Zombie Fiction will not be considered, all other Sci-Fi, Fantasy and stories of Dis-reality– provided it is imaginative and different will be.  We do not encourage work whose central theme is the braindead.


Remember defenestration must be involved.

Or, just say hi to [required]

and [optional]



Only the highest quality material will be accepted.


If your submission has been previously published,

submit everything you wish us to consider in

-a single rtf or word document [pdfs texts are difficult to transfer to our site]

with a cover sheet which includes:

– name

– phone number

– prior publication and date

– brief bio in the third person

– a portrait of your favorite chair, with-or-with-out you in it [our trademark]

And, please add

– a succinct DEFENSE of how and in what ways your story is about throwing some one or things out windows.


Unpublished material NEED NOT include the above, but it is probably a good practice.




Not everyone will be accepted, but remember,

there are no value judgements in

the defenestrationism reality.


thnx for surfing through, lovers of literature,

–Paul-Newell Reaves and eatstuf: the team




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