Paul-Newell Reaves’

ATLAS: vol.2 Vienna, AT



Where the Danube River Meets the Danube Canal


Outside the main city— some three kilometers North— the canal rejoins the river.

The Danube is mighty, flowing North West at Vienna, wind rocking waves.  Yet this is only half the waterway.  Otherside of a grassy, densely tree-populated island, the New Danube was built.  Less wide, and it is straighter.

A thin peninsula reaches into the old river, dividing the canal.  A green, iron bridge spans the channel: atop it, two lion statues, both the same, green, and on the peninsula side a white house, with thin lines of the same green color.

A tugboat docks above the canal, rusting but brightly painted, green and red stripes above and below a white cabin.

Two stone staircases descend into the canal.  On the peninsula— a thinner case— a young girl talks on her cell phone, hand tucked to her ear beneath a furry hood.  The mainland side steps are four times wider, but a sixth the height.

An older woman in a slim black coat resembles her tiny dog, who scrambles down the steps to drink from the canal.

The canal meanders towards the city center.  Much more direct is the D train.



Where the Danube River Meets the Danube Canal


Along the Danube Canal, some most excellent graffiti painted.  The composition appears against a black background.  What seem like letters, though in no recognizable alphabet, are written in silver, bordered with lines of topaz and white.  Perhaps these are not letters, but long, intricate arrows.  Across the canvas zig-and-zag streaks of orange and red, broadening at the center till they dominate the work.  Dead middle, a sole patch of yellow.



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