And Her Name Was Morphine (intro to 2nd half)

by Richie Schiers Jr.

as read by Steve Garland

Steve’s intro


[ed.’s Note: These poems are published unedited, as Ricki had them in his manuscript when he left us.  However, the order of the poems is rearranged, here, with a cohesive meta-narrative apparent in the sequencing of the second half.]


Sept 18th: “Polyga-me”

Sept: 25th: “730 Days Ago”

Oct 2nd: “the Beast Around Here”

Oct 9th: “the Tracks on God’s Arms”

Oct 16th: “the Lonelies”

Oct 23rd: “Ash is…”

Oct 30th: “Periodically”

Nov 6th: “Seasons of Heaven”


hear the first 11 poems of “And her Name was Morphine” by Richie Schiers Jr, as read by Steve Garland, including “In Certain Sunlight“.

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